*Math; *Science; *English Literature; *Social Studies; *Fine Arts



科学:先生. 价格

数学:夫人. 舔

美术:Mrs. 价格

中文:夫人. Lasecki

社会研究:. 林克莱特担纲导演和制片人


A sixth team, Interdisciplinary, is formed from members of the five single discipline teams. 每队不超过五名队员, and students can participate in no more than two teams; three teams if a student is selected to compete on the Interdisciplinary squad. Each team is responsible for becoming experts on a topic for their particular academic discipline. 课外阅读和学习是必需的. Topics are pre-determined for all schools in the state by the Academic Competitions Division of the Indiana Association of School Principals.

主持人:先生. Nohos


Andrean Student Ambassadors is an organization of students who represent Andrean at school hospitality functions, 小学参观, 并且是访客的主人. They are called on for many occasions throughout the school year. Applications to be a student ambassador are available at the beginning of the school year through the 招生 Office during a call out in September. Applicants are asked to write a short essay on their Andrean experience that is subject to faculty approval. Public speaking is a requirement for many of the ambassador assignments. 离开校园必须得到家长的许可.



主持人:先生. 普赖斯和夫人. Wyness


Quiz Bowl is “Jeopardy” for high schoolers and features an electronic buzzer lockout system. Successful team members combine broad knowledge with fast fingers. 选拔赛在11月初举行. The competition season runs from mid-December through mid-March.  状态 & 随后是全国锦标赛.

主持人:女士. 马尔科维奇夫妇. 格罗夫


安德烈剧院公司 gives students the opportunity to participate in all aspects of a theater production, 从表演、宣传到布景建设, 阶段管理, 和更多的. Each year, the Theatre Company produces several shows, including a full-length play and a musical.


买这周末秋季演出的票 在这里


主持人:女士. 马尔科维奇


The International Thespian Society is an organization for students who display great interest in theatre. Students must be invited to join and will receive an invitation once certain criteria are met. Members of the Thespian Society will have the opportunity to attend conferences, 竞赛, 获得大学奖学金.

主持人:女士. 鲁尔


Students have the opportunity to gain a greater appreciation for art through further education, 工作室的时间, 演讲者, 实地考察.

校园部 is responsible for building up the faith and spiritual life of every member of the Andrean family. 特别活动包括每月和每周两次的弥撒, 修和圣事的机会, 特别祈祷仪式, 一整天的底层信仰体验, 高级凯洛人静修计划, 国际玫瑰经, 社区服务项目, 演讲, 以及为教职员工举办的信仰建设研讨会, 工作人员, 和父母.

主持人:先生. 布莱恩


每个班有四名选举产生的官员. Students in each class are encouraged to get involved in their class activities. 有关其他信息,请咨询您的班级主持人.

主持人:女士. 埃文斯


这个小组制作学校年鉴. Students take pictures, write copy and help to organize the book’s layout.

主持人:女士. 乔治和夫人. 格罗夫


作为多元文化俱乐部的成员, we pledge to interact as individual parts of a unified body to take full advantage of our multicultural existence. We also pledge to be positive examples in our homes, schools, and neighborhoods. 我们相信了解自己, 为自己感到骄傲, and sharing this knowledge with our classmates will create a better school.

主持人:博士. 米勒和太太. Wyness


The 全国荣誉学会 is a service organization for 初级s and seniors. Members are selected based on their scholarship, service, character, and leadership. 成员必须保持至少3分.平均绩点3分,积极参加学校活动, service or religious organizations as well as school activities, 在课堂上表现出领导能力和品格. Some of our chapter activities include donating to food pantries, 为救世军敲响钟声, 为方济会乳房护理中心筹集资金, 还有同伴辅导.  Special Outings or Field Trips: 全国荣誉学会 members coordinate a tutoring program for Andrean students. Members choose additional individual and group projects each year.


Additional Comments: Prospective 全国荣誉学会 members should be involved in various service activities in their school, 教区, 或当地社区,以增加他们的简历,成为会员.

主持人:女士. 高贵Urchell


这个社团对所有大二学生开放, 初级, 或者成绩优秀的高年级学生, 总平均成绩为B,最低3分.西班牙语0. Members are required to perform service to the Hispanic Population and promote Spanish Language and Culture 在这里 in Andrean and elsew在这里. 会员辅导低年级学生西班牙语, promote 国际玫瑰经 and the Feast Day Mass of Our Lady of Guadalupe. 他们也在社区做家教.

主持人:女士. Kopil


拼字碗是一种用文字拼字的团队比赛. Ten spellers spell out nine words each for a potential 90 point perfect score. 所有队伍拼写相同的单词. 选拔赛在学年开始时举行.

主持人:女士. 底马 & Mr. 布莱恩


The Andrean 学生会 provides a means by which students can address school-related issues. Students are trained in good citizenship and leadership through school and community activities. The student council promotes school spirit by coordinating all homecoming activities as well as arranging Freshman Orientation. 它还赞助了冬季舞会和世界末日. The student council is the avenue that allows the student body to have special days, i.e. Andrean的用法和样例.

主持人:女士. Maldonado


YARC(年轻人真正关心). 1970年由保罗修女创立, YARC aims to spread joy and inclusivity by hosting holiday parties for people with special needs. These parties are held during Halloween, Christmas, and Easter.


在这些事件中, our wonderful Andrean students will be t在这里 to assist guests with arts and crafts and to share a delightful meal together. 在万圣节, our guests will have the opportunity to go trick-or-treating, 在圣诞节期间, a special visit from Santa Claus will surely bring smiles to everyone's faces. And of course, during Easter, we will organize an exciting egg hunt and celebrate the joyous week.
Together, we can create a truly inclusive and compassionate community.